San Kampaeng

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Is a CB 500 big enough?  Don't you have anything BIGGER?
We do have bigger bikes available at a nominal fee, but most people find them very tiring, especially on the Mae Hong Son Loop, where there is over a thousand hairpin bends, over 4,000 bends altogether!  Lugging a 1000 CC monster around there is hard work, we advise you leave the work at home, you're on holiday, less is more! For Rider & Pillion Combinations obviously upgraded to Kawasaki Versys 650 for free

What should we bring with us?
You will be expected to bring your own helmets and body armour. We are able to supply helmets if you wish, but we cannot guarantee their safety/fit.  Bring your leathers if you like but they can be incredibly uncomfortable and cumbersome in this heat.  You can buy a good armoured jacket here for about £80 if you wish. We have a backup vehicle for luggage and also carry as spare bike in case of breakdowns, so there's no limit to the amount of luggage you may bring apart from that set by the airline!  However we recommend you bring a minimum because you're sure to want to take a shed load home with you, most things here cost half the amount you'd expect to pay for them in the West (unless you require actual, brand name Western goods) so don't buy a pair of shorts to bring over, you can pick up a pair for about £2, or even a pair of original Levi's jeans for about £20, copies go for about half that!  The same goes for medicines etc, there's a Boots chemist in most towns and they stock nearly everything you can find at home, plus a few more interesting Thai remedies that are actually far superior to their Western counterparts given the local conditions.

What's the weather like?
Between June and September it rains, and rains, and then rains some more which is the primary reason for us not to book week-long Tours in advance for this period.  The cool season is between November and February where it averages between 18 and 25oC during the day.  Night times can get somewhat cooler down to about 10oC.  A spot of rain occasionally, but this is very rare.  February through to May it warms up gradually until in May you can guarantee 35o C. and above during the day and not much cooler at night, which is why all our hotel/resort accommodation is air-conditioned.  October is usually clear but we can't guarantee you won't have a few showers, warm enough on a bike though, you get wet and then blow-dry!

Do you have set departure dates?
Yes, but if there is a large enough group of you we're sure we can arrange something to suit your needs.

How far do we ride per day?
We usually cover 150 to 350 kilometres of very good, smooth tarmac daily.  There is a lot to see on the way and if you want to step take photographs you can do so at any time.  Far from onerous, if you fall behind our service vehicle will stay with you until you catch up with us, probably taking photos around the next bend! Very easy riding here, on the left the same as at home in the U.K / Australia

Do I need a visa for Thailand?
Not if you don't intend to stay longer than 30 days.  You will complete the form for your 30 day Visa on the flight over and immigration will simply stamp your 30 day Visa into your passport on arrival.  If you wish to stay longer you can either obtain a Visa in your home country or just hop over the border and automatically get another 30 days on the way back in..

How much cash will I need?
Very little, the cost of living is very low here, only luxury items bump up the expense! Bringing £100 per person per week will MORE than suffice as we can get you a  far better rate here than your bank at home will give you. You can use your Servicetill/Credit card(if you have the facility) in any ATM here for a nominal charge (usually £1.50) and draw up to 20,000baht (about £300.00) daily, Please be aware when using ATM/Servicetills you’ll pay the more expensive rate charged by your bank at home, NOT the preferential Thai rates  traveller’s cheques in your home currency DO qualify for the better Thai rates though.

We have a few simple rules for your safety and convenience;
Follow our lead, not only on the road but also in the way we greet and treat people, this is an entirely different culture, and just because they don't show offence and continue to smile doesn't mean that you haven't hurt them and spoiled our (and all other foreigner’s) reputation, and as your mother used to say "manners cost nothing"!
We've read this one in a TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) office in Bangkok and were quite taken with it; If you want everything just like home, stay home!".  If you don't enjoy new experiences in a quite different environment then you're much better off staying in the West where you know and understand all the rules and laws.  This is the simple fact, we're not being cynical. This is South-East Asia, and things are different! That being said, learning all about this new culture is absolutely fascinating, we’ve been here for many years working and living amongst these wonderful, gentle people, their hospitality never ceases to amaze us and we certainly wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else in the world. We welcome the opportunity to show you around “Amazing Thailand”, there’s so much more to this country when you’ve a guide or two to take you off the beaten track and show you what it’s really about!