Lampang Elephant Sanctuary Festival

Lampang 2-Day Ride

Experience the way of life between elephant and people including how to eat and live together, traditional blessing ceremony and also special elephant show. To save an early start on the Tuesday, hammering down & spending all day "playing catch-up" we'll head down on Monday, relaxed, night out in Lampang & properly enjoy the festivities tomorrow!

Annually since 1998 on the 13th March

Elephant Satoke Fair

When: 13 March 2018

Where: Lampang Elephant Conservation Centre, Lampang

Elephant shows, parades, and a decorating contest for the elephants' Satoke (a large khan toke) all lead up to a feast of fruits and vegetables for the elephants.

Where: Across Thailand

If you have ever been to Thailand you will note the importance of this majestic animal to the people of this Kingdom, in both their daily lives and in the spiritual needs, images of elephants (Thai: Chang)are just about every-where.

Numerous events take place across the Kingdom on this day, in zoos and elephant parks you will find elephants being treating to huge banquets of their favorite food such as fruit and sugar cane. Before these buffets can commence and early in the mornings you will normally find Buddhist ceremonies being held to bring good luck to both these former beasts of burden and their handler (mahout – mahout derives from the Hindi words mahout) known in Thailand as a kwan-chang