ANZAC Day Remembrance, Hellfire Pass

ANZAC Remembrance River Kwai Loop

Total 1,814 Km

i: Arrival Day: Airport Collection & check-in from 10:00 - 16:00. Welcome Dinner for all, we've been looking forward to meeting you by now!

ii: Day Ride: Acclimatisation ride, just to get you in the swing of things

iii: On The Road: 301 Km; visiting various waterfalls, royal temple and the highest mountain peak in Thailand

iv:  234 Km; visiting Hilltribe Refugees,

v: 267 Km; visiting Myanmar via Thailand's Westernmost Point

vi: 304 Km; Some of the best twisties you'll ever encounter

vii: 80 Km; Visiting Water Falls & Bridge Over The River Kwae

viii: 80 Km; visiting “Hammer & Tap Pass” renowned for “A soul for every sleeper laid” along the rail track

ix: 363 Km; visiting historic ruined city

x: 452 Km; visiting historic shrine & Thailand's largest dam

xi: Day 11: Departure Day, Check-out 12:00 we'll return you to the airport personally up until 16:00, then we're due out again.