The Golden Triangle Loop

The Golden Triangle Loop (Tour B) - Scenic Riding Heaven


Less arduous than the Mae Hong Son loop, for those who'd prefer a little less riding midweek, this route still takes you through some amazing countryside, through the lakes and mountain roads following the borders of Myanmar and Laos.

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Overview: Golden Triangle Loop; Chiang Mai, Tha ton, Mae Sai, Golden Triangle, visiting Myanmar & Laos, Chiang Rai.

A Week-Long (8-days / 7-nights) adventure: Usually Saturday set aside for your arrival / departure, Sunday Ride and Monday to Friday out 'on the road' loop with many additional sight-seeing and activities available dependent upon how many days you prefer to fill your holiday.

This Loop also includes many attractions to see en route, national parks, waterfalls, hot springs, gardens, the mighty Mekong river, lakes, mountains, temples, The Three Tribes Village (Eghor, Karin longnecks and Musoe), the largest cave system in Thailand, the famous Golden Triangle (where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos converge) including short visits to these countries, along with lots more (elephant rides, boat trips, etc).

Day 1: Saturday; Arrival, Motorcycles allocated, Welcome Dinner, night on the town!
Day 2: Sunday; Safety Induction followed by group's preferred Day Ride
Day 3: Monday; 245km, Elephant camp, exploring the largest cave system in Thailand.
Day 4: Tuesday; 167km; Boat ride, 7-temples hillside, Chinese village, optional palace and gardens trip
Day 5: Wednesday; 152km; Trip to Myanmar, visit the Golden triangle, souped-up longtail speedboat to Laos..
Day 6: Thursday: 250-4000km dependant; Opium museum, temple ruins, the tulip fields when in season..
Day 7: Friday; 273km; Waterfalls, hot springs, astonishing views on the return to Chiang Mai
Day 8: Saturday; Departure Day, although most stay on for another week's fangin' around!