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Thursday, 29 November 2001 23:58

The Around Thailand Loop

The 'Iron Butt' loop!



Southern Sunset

The one and only tour which requires no explanation, sells itself.


Three weeks /  21 nights, 7,778Km, weekend in Pattaya, weekend in Phuket,         Start/finish Chiang Mai. 'Nuff said.

Well, what else could you possibly want to know: Where are we going? Everywhere! What are we doing? EVERYTHING! Experienced riders only!!

"Oo-oo, can I be a pussy and join / leave your group halfway through...?" NO!!

If you're able to hack three weeks of total, full on, sensory overload both on & off the road, put your responsible self away for the best part of a month and postpone sleep for the sakes of fun...almost indefinitely, you're in. If not, don't even ask, honestly, we'll laugh. Lots. Shandy-pants' & Big Girls' Blouses need NOT apply!!

We LOVE being able to display this gorgeous land and her wonderful inhabitants to one & all. We take our responsibility as mini-ambassadors (in a manner of speaking) very seriously, likewise our hearts will always belong to this amazing land.

However: All work & no play, dull, Jack & Jill, etc.., THIS tour is the one we keep back for ourselves. Never watered down, NO punches pulled, Gauntlet's down, reckon you have it in you...?

Plenty of ladies have managed it. Quite a few "tough" guys, didn't. You know who you are!

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