1- 3 Week Biking Adventures

1-3 Week Biking Adventures

Thailand Motorcycle Tours offers four suberb motorbike adventure tours out of Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand.


Each Loop below is a 5-day Mon-Fri on-the-road Tour and when combined with our day rides etc makes up our fully inclusive 8 & 15 day packages


The Mae Hong Son Loop. We head west on the "Road of 10,000 Turns" towards the border with Myanmar. This loop is ranked one of the top ten motorcycle routes in the world!

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The Golden Triangle Tour takes you north and into the world-famous (or infamous!) Golden Triangle, along the Mekong River and the border with Laos.

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The Nan Loop. This tour features miles and miles of virtually empty, twisty roads which take you through the mountain wilderness, ancient forests and presents an infinite number of spectacular vistas.

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st01smThe Sukhothai Loop. We travel south and thoroughly explore one of Thailand's most famous, historic cities - Sukhothai - designated a UNESCO World Heritage historical park.

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To learn more about Sukhothai, please click this link: http://wikitravel.org/en/Sukhothai



The River Kwae Loop     Southern Sunset

This is the first of our tours to break the "1-week-long" format, 12days (11nights) in duration overall and we'll happily add a local tour from our selection to fill a fortnight if preferred: Or simply relax & soak up Chiang Mai's atmosphere, masses to occupy all. Arrival & Airport Transfer, Welcome Dinner, Day Ride, Cultural Dinner & Show, Thailand's Highest Peak, an Unbelievable assortment of roads & surfaces all the way from dirt to 6-lane highway! Visiting Mae Sariang, Mae Sot, Nakhon Sawan, Kanchanaburi, Kampaeng Phet, Tak.

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  The "IronButt" Around Thailand          OverPass In Bangkok

"Oo-oo, can I be a pussy and join / leave your group halfway through...?" Errr...NO. If you're able to hack three weeks of total, full on, sensory overload both on & off the road, put your responsible self away for the best part of a month and postpone sleep for the sakes of fun...almost indefinitely, you're in.

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In addition to these four tours, we gladly offer completely customized guided motorcycle touring holidays from 6 to 18 days in length for groups numbering 5-45 riders. We're able to handle over 30 Riders if necessary, 12 month's notice required for parties of 20 and above.


Saturday and/or Sunday day rides around Chiang Mai province are also offered before and after our regularly scheduled tours, as part of an existing tour only. Our apologies, but we're unable to provide Day Rides as a stand-alone item when we have serious riders with us. Please enquire for any and all special tour requests; we're always happy to meet your requirements wherever possible.