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MHS Loop

“One of the ten best motorcycling routes in the world”

Breathtaking scenery
Empty roads
NO speed cameras!
English guides
Hotel/Resort accommodation, bike hire, bike insurance, petrol, etc. all included.
Tours; Elephant camps, Hilltribes (Karin, Akha, Lahu, Karin longnecks), Boat trips, Golden Triangle(visit three countries, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar), Snake farms, all included!
Off-road carting, Bungee jumping and many more options available
For more information please visit our websites, or
Or call us on +44 (0) 1260 279443

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Motorcycle day rides



Just on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, this mountain is perfect for a first acclimatisation ride, an introduction to the pleasures ahead!

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Lunch is provided at a fabulous 10 tier waterfall system within the National Park. Further on is a viewpoint allowing you the first glimpse of where you’ll be venturing next week.

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A relaxing day cruising along the banks of the river ping, lunch by the riverside, beautiful scenery, Baan Tawai antiques, cultural heritage and craftwork village.

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Stroll in the gardens, snack on Thai delicacies such as ‘Somtam’ (spicy papaya salad, but only as spicy as you like!).

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The Sukhothai Loop (Tour D) - Cruising Heaven


For a brief but brilliant period (1238–1376), the walled city of Sukhothai presided as the capital of Thailand, creating the legacy of a unified nation of Thai peoples and a phenomenal artistic heritage. Now an impressive assembly of elegant ruins, the Old City, has been preserved as Sukhothai Historical Park, one of Thailand's most popular attractions.

suk map 

Following the border with Myanmar you almost feeling as if you’re there! Different faces and tribal dress make you realise that this certainly is the-road-less-travelled. This is certainly the "long way round” to this most famous of Thai cities, but you'll be glad to have experienced roads and scenery most people will never get the chance to see.


Day 1 - Chiang Mai to Mae Sariang, 270Km
Day 2 - Mae Sariang to Umpang, 399Km
Day 3 - Umpang to Tak, 355Km
Day 4 - Tak to Sukhothai, 264Km
Day 5 - Sukhothai to Chiang Mai, 490Km

In addition to these four tours, we gladly offer completely customized guided motorcycle touring holidays from 6 to 23 days in length for groups numbering 5-15 riders. We're able to handle over 30 Riders if necessary, 12 month's notice required for parties of 20 and above.


Saturday and/or Sunday day rides around Chiang Mai province are also offered before and after our regularly scheduled tours, as part of an existing tour only. Our apologies, but we're unable to provide Day Rides as a stand-alone item. Please enquire for any and all special tour requests; we're always happy to meet your requirements.


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This is a Monday to Friday 'on the road' Loop with additional sight-seeing and activities etc, dependant upon how many days you stay to fill your holiday dates.

gt map 

Overview: Golden Triangle Loop; Chiang Mai, Tha ton, Mae Sai, Golden Triangle, visiting Myanmar & Laos, Chiang Rai.

Less arduous than the Mae Hong Son loop, for those who'd prefer a little less riding midweek, this route still takes you through some amazing countryside, through the lakes and mountain roads following the borders of Myanmar and Laos. Described as 'Scenic Riding Heaven'

This Loop also includes many attractions to see en route, national parks, waterfalls, hot springs, gardens, the mighty Mekong river, lakes, mountains, temples, The Three Tribes Village (Eghor, Karin longnecks and Musoe), the largest cave system in Thailand, the famous Golden Triangle (where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos converge) including short visits to these countries, along with lots more (elephant rides, boat trips, etc).

Day 1; 245km, Elephant camp, exploring the largest cave system in Thailand.
Day 2; 167km; Boat ride, 7-temples hillside, Chinese village, optional palace and gardens trip
Day 3; 152km; Trip to Myanmar, visit the Golden triangle, souped-up longtail speedboat to Laos.
Day 4; 250-350km, dependant; Opium museum, temple ruins, the tulip fields when in season.
Day 5; 273km; Waterfalls, hot springs, astonishing views on the return to Chiang mai



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Technical Riding Heaven

Join us on what is well known to be one of the ten best motorbiking routes in the world, "The road of 5,000 bends"

For an exciting, challenging, invigorating adventure holiday, take a motorcycle ride through the plains and mountains in the north of Thailand and to the west of Chiang mai. Beginning in this fabled city of ancient culture we ride through some marvellous empty mountain roads with hairpins galore, stopping at many places of interest including Hot Springs & Waterfalls along the way to the now famed frontier village of Pai for lunch, after which an elephant ride...with a difference (are you game?) or simply to relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery, solitude, peace and quiet in the top-rated accommodation.

On day two we take our motorbikes down the other side of the mountains again stopping at many attractions including rafting, caves and gorgeous viewpoints before beginning the lowland mountain stretch. Far easier on both motorcycle and rider now as the still almost empty roads open out but keeping those same, hairpin bends. This is what motorcycling is all about, now with room for corrections! There's almost a complete change of vegetation and therefore scenery almost every couple of hours for the duration of the tour, you could almost be taking your bike through a different country in the morning and afternoon on the way to Mae Hong Son. Usually arriving at the (again, best in the area) resort around 3pm, just enough time for a beer by the pool, quick change & down for a cocktail at The Sunset Bar...another G&T as the sun passes the yard-arm, old boy?

Wednesday morning begins...gently; fairly often having brought a bottle of the local rum back from town, damned stuff appears to evaporate overnight as never any left? Must be those Thai leprifairies?! We give both motorcycle and rider a bit of a break after breakfast where you can either chill out by the pool in this picturesque Farm-style resort for a couple of hours, or join us on the back of the truck to visit not only temples & longnecks, but a true "moonshine" still. The tiniest nip of this will have you right as ninepence again! No point coming on a motorcycling holiday and becoming sick of the sight of roads, now's a good time to take a breather around those attractions before the excitement commences once more. More empty, open roads in the afternoon heading down to the river town of Mae Sariang. Some cracking fast straights here with incredible scenery to both sides, and a couple of stops to take in attractions and allow the old ticker to slow down a little! Once more we're in the best digs in town (always), and our local knowledge really coming into play for the best rooms in this hotel. Remind me on arrival & I'll tell you all about it, lol!

On Thursday we take our bikes over to the base of Doi Inthanon, the mountain itself saved...well, ALWAYS save the best for last, don't you? En-route we'll take guessed it, attractions, canyons, gorges, roads a little busier by now but have opened right out with the usual Thai-style "hard strips", something akin to a bike lane (and mostly used by scooters) on each side of the carriageway? Drivers here SO courteous most will squeeze over a little onto these strips to allow you through, and that (although less frequently) includes the oncoming traffic too! It's the small considerations such as this which make Thailand truly a biker's dream! Quick word to those who read this but won't be following me? Safety: Wait for them to give you room, here we share the road - you have as many "rights" to everything as the Thais do - none. Period. After an amazing lunch at the base of some waterfalls you can either relax by the pool or nip out with us to visit a famous temple & temple gardens with the largest Reclining Buddha statue...anywhere! The famous one in Bkk being the largest indoor example.

Friday: Onwards and upwards to Thailand’s highest mountain, as always more waterfalls and viewpoints than you can shake a pointy stick at, the temple and gardens sat atop this mighty peak really are something to behold, high above the clouds! We'll be back at our hotel in Chiang Mai by mid-afternoon...if you're quick and speak nicely to the laundry lady opposite...she'll have all those smelly clothes sorted out for you by lunchtime, one major operation saved when arrive home - give you more time to bin all that junk mail which piled up while you were away! Lol!! "Where did all the time go?" You’ll be asking yourself, seeing the country in a whirlwind of sensory overload, by the best possible routes, on the ultimate mode of transport, by motorcycle! And if it was all over too quickly for you, only one possible answer…join us on Tour B.

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The River Ping Run

A relaxing day cruising along the banks of the river ping, lunch by the riverside, beautiful scenery, Baan Tawai antiques, cultural heritage and craftwork village.

All day rides are optional and can be varied to suit the group's desires.

 river ping

Fancy going somewhere? We can be entirely flexible and head just about anywhere you fancy, enough notice and even spend the weekend away?

 river ping wildlife

Other attractions include: Tours around Chiang mai's historic inner and outer city, experiencing cultural phenomena such as the Night Bazaar, Sunday craft market, live traditional Thai shows and entertainment, Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs and various authentic dining experiences which are all completely different to their Western counterparts.

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The Mae Rim Run

We begin at the Orchid farm...

 mae rim01

...before going on to the Snake Farm, including live venomous snake shows.

 mae rim02

Lunch is provided at a fabulous 10 tier waterfall system within the National Park. Further on is a viewpoint allowing you the first glimpse of where you’ll be venturing next week.

 mae rim03

Optional extras not included in the price are: go-carting, off-road buggies, quad bikes, shooting range and even bungee jumping!

Mae Rim elephant camp was made famous by ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ and their ‘Elephant paintings’. No, not paintings of elephants, painting by elephants!

mae rim04  

We next visit the monkey centre with a show including their training to gather the coconut crop for their owners.


mae rim05


Then we take the loop back to Chiang mai for some fabulous rural roads, stopping at a resort & restaurant for lunch by a lake.

mae rim06

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Doi Suthep

Just on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, this mountain is perfect for a first acclimatisation ride, an introduction to the pleasures ahead!

doi suthep

Smooth, sticky black three lane mat, hairpins galore and around a 20% gradient to power up and cruise back down. 

doi pui hmong village

On the way we have the Chiang mai zoo at the base, Pra Tha Doi Suthep Temple, viewpoint over the whole of Chiang mai city and suburbs, Queen Sirikit’s summer palace and gardens. Branching off we venture a little further than most to also take in Doi Pui and the Hmong village there.

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Pricing information

 Pricing information

Based on Two Sharing a Room: Otherwise Single occupancy Rates Apply

Our Four ‘Core’ Tours are Priced at; 8days/7nights - or multiples thereof - as displayed below

Season/Month Duration Rider Rider & Pillion Single Occupancy CDW Accommodation
Low Season Day Ride Only 6,790 11,269 N/A 300 Extra Nights Available
July, Day Ride & Night 7,699 12,780 909 300 at rates below
August, 2 Days, 1 night 14,509 24,089 909 600 1,560 per night
September 3 Days (2 night) 22,149 36,769 1,819 900 3,120 / 2 nights
  1 week (7 nights) 53,899 89,469 6,969 2,000 4,680 / 3 nights
High Season Day Ride Only 7,400 12,289 N/A 300  
October, Day Ride & Night 8,399 13,949 999 300  
March, 7night Tour A-D 58,899 97,779 7,399 2,000  
April, 14night Tour A/+D 117,699 195,379 14,759 4,000 1,980 per night
May and June 11-Nights Tours E-G 98,629 163,719 12,359 5,000 3,960 / 2 night
Peak Season Day Ride Only 7,979 13,249 N / A 300  
November, Day Ride & Night 9,179 15,239 1,119 300  
December, 7night Tour A-D 64,189 106,559 7,779 2,000  
January 14night Tour A/+D 128,369 213,099 15,559 4,000 2,400 per night
February 11-Nights Tours E-G 107,749 178,859 13,849 5,000 4,800 / 2 nights
  22nts Around Thailand 215,499 357,729 27,698 9,000 7,200 / 3 nights

Generally: Arrival & Departure Days being the Saturday, Day Ride on the Sunday after a short induction
Monday to Friday out on the road. Extra nights’ stay before/after the tour are readily available to best suit your flights, take your time booking to find the best deal, and we’ll gladly accommodate you, no problem

Saving You Money...!

We all work long & hard for those few little treats in life, doing without something to afford another. TMT is synonymous with Good Value. Please accept our apologies if the pricing tables below appear overly complicated: However, In order to save you as much cash as possible we've tiered our prices, both seasonally and economically. Rather than banging out a "One-Price-Fits-All" rate (with cash customers supporting the entire system), we prefer to offer our guests as many options as possible, and consequently offering a budget for every wallet? Don't hesitate to drop me a line if I can help clarify anything for you / work out your personal price, it'll be my pleasure

Beginning with Three-Tier Pricing: Thailand's Three Seasons, Low being quiet & least expensive, while Peak Season usually requires booking 6 months or more in advance?

Low/High/Peak Seasons

Peak Season with the best weather runs November – February, Low (Monsoon) Season July/August/September, weather totally by luck of the draw. Lastly: By Default High Season occupies those remaining months, March, April, May, June and October, Certainly better weather guaranteed than through the Monsoon Season, but may still experience a few scattered showers


Looking for more than just a single day's riding? No Problem

From these Day Rates we can simply price a 1 / 2 / 3 (or more) D/N Tour, if it looks like decent weather ahead?
Please Note: - Should we decide to stay away from Chiang Mai for a night or two, SRS Will Apply


River Kwae Loop, Around Thailand Loop & Bespoke Tours

We know this country intimately, and are able to organise a vast array of Bespoke / Specialist Tours: POA


Motorcycle Upgrades & Insurance (CDW) Rates Obviously Unaffected by Seasonal Changes

Honda CB 300 - Free with Tour - Our Smallest Machine Standard Tour Bike Free For Solo Rider

Taller CBX 500, Upgrade for Solo Rider CBF650cc - InLine 4-cyl Engine

Free For Rider & Pillion - 650cc Twin-Cylinder Versys Boring...! 650cc's of rice pudding

IMHO just a BIT too much for these slick roads What a piece of cr4p!


Our entirely optional Collision Damage Waiver plan covers any accidental damage to the bike, and all for 2,000 THB/motorcycle/week. Conditions apply; First 20,000 Baht of each/any claim being Rider’s Responsibility

Cash Transferral Charges

Regretfully we must pass on the 5% service charge PayPal renders. Should you wish to pay by BTT (Bank Tele- Transfer) the only charge incurred will be for transmittal from your bank: sender accepts responsibility for this fee. We accept all charges regarding receipt of said transfer, while deducting any forwarded transmittal fees from remittance total. Hard-copy receipt issued by our bank detailing all charges scanned & forwarded via email, original retained FYI on arrival. Similarly, if you elect to remit by credit card, there is a 4.5% Service Fee levied to your account. We pride ourselves on being above board – NO hidden costs or charges, everything open for scrutiny

Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to read this far!

We've striven over the years to reach the pinnacle of motorcycle touring and are very proud indeed to have maintained this position. We will continue tirelessly & diligently, adding to our reputation as a matter of course on the likes of TripAdvisor etc. If you have any comments / criticism regarding this website or our Modus Operandi...please, let us know, we'd really appreciate your input.

And if you have the slightest query - please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist

Our office hours in Thailand are 05.30-13.30 (GMT + 7hrs)

Calls/emails outside these hours will not be answered until the following day. I believe it's very rude to have one's nose buried in the phone/PDA while guests who've paid for our attention are being ignored? Consequently after 7am daily I'm on our guests' timetable and at their disposal, apologies but guests' here now must take precedence over enquiries.

I take just the one weekend off in each month, usually the third immediately after we finish a tour.


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