The Mae Hong Son Loop

The Mae Hong Son Loop (Tour A) - Technical Riding Heaven

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Technical Riding Heaven

Join us on what is well known to be one of the ten best motorbiking routes in the world, "The road of 5,000 bends"

For an exciting, challenging, invigorating adventure holiday, take a motorcycle ride through the plains and mountains in the north of Thailand and to the west of Chiang mai. Beginning in this fabled city of ancient culture we ride through some marvellous empty mountain roads with hairpins galore, stopping at many places of interest including Hot Springs & Waterfalls along the way to the now famed frontier village of Pai for lunch, after which an elephant ride...with a difference (are you game?) or simply to relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery, solitude, peace and quiet in the top-rated accommodation.

On day two we take our motorbikes down the other side of the mountains again stopping at many attractions including rafting, caves and gorgeous viewpoints before beginning the lowland mountain stretch. Far easier on both motorcycle and rider now as the still almost empty roads open out but keeping those same, hairpin bends. This is what motorcycling is all about, now with room for corrections! There's almost a complete change of vegetation and therefore scenery almost every couple of hours for the duration of the tour, you could almost be taking your bike through a different country in the morning and afternoon on the way to Mae Hong Son. Usually arriving at the (again, best in the area) resort around 3pm, just enough time for a beer by the pool, quick change & down for a cocktail at The Sunset Bar...another G&T as the sun passes the yard-arm, old boy?

Wednesday morning begins...gently; fairly often having brought a bottle of the local rum back from town, damned stuff appears to evaporate overnight as never any left? Must be those Thai leprifairies?! We give both motorcycle and rider a bit of a break after breakfast where you can either chill out by the pool in this picturesque Farm-style resort for a couple of hours, or join us on the back of the truck to visit not only temples & longnecks, but a true "moonshine" still. The tiniest nip of this will have you right as ninepence again! No point coming on a motorcycling holiday and becoming sick of the sight of roads, now's a good time to take a breather around those attractions before the excitement commences once more. More empty, open roads in the afternoon heading down to the river town of Mae Sariang. Some cracking fast straights here with incredible scenery to both sides, and a couple of stops to take in attractions and allow the old ticker to slow down a little! Once more we're in the best digs in town (always), and our local knowledge really coming into play for the best rooms in this hotel. Remind me on arrival & I'll tell you all about it, lol!

On Thursday we take our bikes over to the base of Doi Inthanon, the mountain itself saved...well, ALWAYS save the best for last, don't you? En-route we'll take guessed it, attractions, canyons, gorges, roads a little busier by now but have opened right out with the usual Thai-style "hard strips", something akin to a bike lane (and mostly used by scooters) on each side of the carriageway? Drivers here SO courteous most will squeeze over a little onto these strips to allow you through, and that (although less frequently) includes the oncoming traffic too! It's the small considerations such as this which make Thailand truly a biker's dream! Quick word to those who read this but won't be following me? Safety: Wait for them to give you room, here we share the road - you have as many "rights" to everything as the Thais do - none. Period. After an amazing lunch at the base of some waterfalls you can either relax by the pool or nip out with us to visit a famous temple & temple gardens with the largest Reclining Buddha statue...anywhere! The famous one in Bkk being the largest indoor example.

Friday: Onwards and upwards to Thailand’s highest mountain, as always more waterfalls and viewpoints than you can shake a pointy stick at, the temple and gardens sat atop this mighty peak really are something to behold, high above the clouds! We'll be back at our hotel in Chiang Mai by mid-afternoon...if you're quick and speak nicely to the laundry lady opposite...she'll have all those smelly clothes sorted out for you by lunchtime, one major operation saved when arrive home - give you more time to bin all that junk mail which piled up while you were away! Lol!! "Where did all the time go?" You’ll be asking yourself, seeing the country in a whirlwind of sensory overload, by the best possible routes, on the ultimate mode of transport, by motorcycle! And if it was all over too quickly for you, only one possible answer…join us on Tour B.

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