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Thai Motorcycle Tours is a family-run adventure motorbike touring business owned and hosted by husband and wife team Miles and Bpuk Nadin (along with several trusted family members on both sides!).

Our extensive local knowledge – not to mention countless friends and tour partners we've made along the way and over the years - means you'll enjoy impeccable service, safety, and cleanliness from start to finish.

With over fifty combined years of Northern Thailand touring, exploring and guiding, you'll get a complete immersion into the authentic sights, smells and sounds of the Thai culture – from people who happily live in and love the country.

Both want you to fall in love with this enchanting, beautiful country of ours. And we do everything in our power to make your travels the best you've ever had. Being a small company, we're flexible. If there's a special site, activity, or meal you feel like including – tell us! Rest assured, we're not slick tour operators who are interested in partnering with expensive tourist traps, chain hotels and overpriced souvenir shops, and well aware it's mostly the little things that make the difference, attention to detail is our watchword.

Our accommodations are the same authentically Thai hotels and resorts the “high-flyers” choose which include all modern conveniences and amenities. They are spotlessly clean, family run establishments so our guests can experience Thailand's true self and her wonderful people. It's a matter of great pride for us to ensure 100% truly happy, never had a single complaint or negative review.

All riders are welcome, from the novice biker up to the old hand. We never tire of these guided tours; no matter how often we do them there always seems to be something new to make us smile along the way. The touring is relatively easy but still exhilarating; we ride on the left-hand side of the road as in the UK and Australia. Add to that a warm tropical climate and totally new experiences almost every moment of the day with people who know what they're doing in such situations and it all adds up to a combination that is quite simply unavailable elsewhere; the perfect two-wheeled holiday!

Available as a free upgrade for those with Pillion (or on our longer tours where a little more 'leg' matters!), The Suzuki V-Strom, or Honda CB650 if you prefer. Harley Davidson-style bikes may be great on the unending straights of the American Interstates, but they are totally unsuited to the twisty, exciting roads of Northern Thailand. BMW's, Ducati's etc are available these days - admittedly not cheap, adding around 50% to our rates rather than double or even triple if you're not careful.

If required, additional tour adventure activities can include: bungee jumping, all terrain vehicle riding in the jungle, special much larger all terrain vehicles through the jungle, mountain biking in the jungle, white water rafting, bamboo river rafting, kayaking, paint-balling, a visit to the shooting range, micro-lighting, elephant riding, massage & spa experience, hiking in the jungle, golf, fishing, Muai-Thai (Thai boxing), Thai cookery courses and Thai massage courses.


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Special Sunday!
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