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Extensive choice of Thailand Motorcycling Holidays

Motorcycle Tours in ThailandOffering our guests the finest motorcycle touring holidays available; tailored to both your riding style and taste for adventure, our business is providing only the fondest memories (and an involuntary smile!) for countless years to come.
With some of the most spectacular, curvy, motorbike friendly roads in South-east Asia, each of our guided motorcycle tours serves up a thrilling, once in a lifetime treat.
As Thailand's first all on-road motorcycle tour operator our experience guarantees your holiday will surpass expectations.
Truly the biker's Nirvana: Northern Thailand features the smoothest asphalt roads in South-east Asia and this magical, lush, and extremely colourful part of the country offers you charming villages, exotic cultures, wonderfully warm people and spectacular vistas while above all - unforgettable riding on bikes & tyres best suited to these conditions.
We provide the full package, all requirements easily satisfied with pleasure!


Thailand Reopened on January 1st. As of Feb 1st Fully Open to All Regardless Of Vaccination Status

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Ride with us Ride with us and we will show you the myriad facets of Thailand that no other motorcycle tour is able to. Impeccably organised by the oldest firm in S.E Asia.
Routes meticulously planned Routes meticulously planned by the last remaining Thailand Specialists; beautiful scenic views and invigorating roads are a pleasure for any touring motorcyclist.
Unmatched, undiluted experience Unmatched, undiluted experience in this country & innate flexibility allows our team to tailor tours to your needs, last-minute additions our speciality.
Every one of our bikes Every one of our bikes ridden only by members of our staff for the first 6,000 Km & serviced religiously by the main dealer they were purchased from,
Our bikes are kept Our bikes are kept in best possible condition, at least as pristine as your own at home - we prefer your time with us to be completely stress-free.
Allow our team Allow our team to shoulder your burdens while offering unmatched insights only available to a select few who have lived and worked in positions of trust & responsibility for years within the establishment and respected by young and old alike in local communities.

Tour Guides

15 Years of Experience
Who takes an "Organised" tour anyway; needing to be "Organised" on holiday, don’t we all have more than enough of that at home?
I've certainly never been on one, wouldn't start now either! Absolutely true; apart from an open-topped bus-trip around London neither we nor any of our staff have ever allowed anyone to "organise" us. Or our guests.
We opened this business as a distraction, something to tide us through three month-duration school holidays while employed as an educator?
No-one else had thought of it…and we never had the faintest idea it would become so popular! Over 70% of our guests these days are on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th visit - precisely because we don't "Organise", just a couple of mates to go out for a ride with, no watches, no timetables; We organise ourselves, you enjoy yourselves We shoulder the responsibilities, so you're free We take care of everything, so you've not a care in the world.
Anyone can play "Teacher" or "Boss", but only experience can…. hand you the perfect cup of coffee on the second morning without needing to ask your preferences first. In the long run we'll actually save you time, and money when flexibility is our motto, of course it will be our pleasure to include a slight detour, we know precisely where it's available!
Tel: (+66) 955 329 968 (Whatsapp)

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Extensive choice of Thailand Motorcycling Holidays
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Week-Long Tours

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12-Day Tours

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"If you have never done a motorcycle tour in SE Asia then this is the company to choose and if you have done one before and were disappointed then you should have booked with Thai motorcycle Tours, so give them a try."
Barry, Phil, Rex, Don, James and John
"The tour was a great success. Great riding, good accommodation, good food and good company up to the usual high standard set by our hosts from Thai Motorcycle Tours"
Paul H
"It's clear that both Miles and Bpuk both enjoy their job/lifestyle and this shows that at no time throughout the holiday did we think of them as paid tour guides rather they were mates who just knew their way around better than us.So another 5 star rating (thats 100% 5 stars) and yes we are going back later this year for another tour."
Carl & Becky
"Most excellent weeks touring with TMT The Mae Hong Son loop was everything and more than I would have dreamed of. Thanks Miles and the wonderful Bpuk."
"Everyday there were great biking roads, Thai culture, great food and a few nice cold beers. Every part of the trip was well organised by Bpuk. The atmosphere was relaxed and informal. Highly recommend a trip and I will definitely be back again."
Mark S